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Sunday, July 15, 2018

IDAP Token Utility

A decentralized project with a profitable value for potential investors or investors is one of the projects that will increase rapidly, given the fluctuation of the digital asset change at the beginning of this year has experienced a very significant increase. The definition of this network uses a rather unique theme from other blockchain platforms around the world, has a balance sheet value and an investment process that has a profita value that exceeds the capital needed in modern digital asset trading. IDAP is a blockchain platform that introduces for the first time a unique creative idea in the symbolic economic economy market that you can personally trade in a digital exchange platform for assets.

IDAP is one of the development results of the blockchain industry that experiences good performance and a great idea, based on a system that allows investors to be more open with symbolic investments. As one of the first blockchain platforms generated, this company wants to help investors become more concerned about the economic weakness that many people worldwide are experiencing in the concept of mutual aid as an investment that can be traded by users on this blockchain platform registered. Some important points of the platform IDAP The point is that most registered investors and potential investors will start their business on the platform as a whole.

Respond to general terms and conditions about the platform IDAPis a source of income that will provide a balanced value of an economically beneficial ecosystem between buyers and sellers. In this case, the investor is an economic concept that has an average sales value that exceeds the income of an investment capital, while the token sales are more distributed to investors who want to make a profit on this platform. 

IDAP token is ERC20 token based on Ethereum blockchain. It's a utility token and is an integral part of our platform.

Zero Trading Fee : Lifetime zero trading fee for ICO participants buying 20,000 or more IDAP tokens.
Discount in Trading Fee : 50% permanent discount on trading fee if paid in IDAP token.
Management & Listing Fee : Applicable Management & listing fee will be charged in IDAP token.
Burning of IDAP Tokens : 20% of IDAP tokens received as fees will be burned till supply reaches 500mn.

The ability to connect to the following projects is a major effort in the legal and secure tobacco and token trade project in the blockchain industry, starts trading and executes a balanced analysis system in one of its own tactics and ideas that are being used by many investors. executed. IDAP a decentralized blockchain platform aimed at building investments that influence the positive side of fund management that will be invested in this platform, in other words this platform is a place for investors around the world.

IDAP now at the beginning of the year a crypto company with certain characteristics, with the many and high current trading crypto-markets that dominate the market. partnership IDAP Become one of the big companies that will be very successful in the future. Trading in the world of cryptocurrency never escaped the rise and fall of the currency-dollar fluctuations and the exchange of coins, this is a natural thing that is felt by crypto-trading companies. Moreover, the company has no creative idea that the system can keep out of investments, of course this is a disaster that can be fatal with the destruction of the company. 

Decentralized investment funds on the blockchain platform for investors around the world are an effective philosophy offered by this platform. With the vision and mission of the concept of mutual benefit between the project owner and the token owner. With so many markets in the world of cryptocurrency this year that competitors of many companies who act or trade should have more unique functions and creativity, this could be one of the success points that the crypto-trading community can achieve.

Token utility is crucial to its demand and so is a well maintained supply. Let’s see the case for the IDAP token and understand why it is a good idea to choose idap.io:

The circulating supply: A total of 1 billion IDAP tokens will be generated, of which 75% (750 million) will be sold to public in different rounds of sale. Now the actual circulating supply will be lower than the 750 million tokens sold, on the account of ICO contributors HODLing the tokens as they wait for the price to increase. Over time, the circulating cap may increase but this rise will still be quite limited.

Token burning: 20% of all the IDAP tokens received as trading commissions and other platform fees will be removed from circulation and burnt at regular intervals till the total supply reaches 500 million. Lower the supply, greater the demand.

Utility for users: A curated supply alone cannot help the demand for a token. At its core, the token should hold benefits for the user of the platform. With a 50% discount on all trading fees paid in IDAP tokens, users will flock to accumulate tokens and secure their discount.

Advantages for ICO investors: Participants of the various rounds of token sale will not only get discounts on their purchases, but also benefit from added benefits. An ICO investor that holds 20,000 tokens or more will never have to pay trading fee on the idap.io platform. ICO contributors buying 1.25 million tokens or more will get to use a Master Account for free. Given the deal to not just profit from value increase of tokens but to never pay any trading fees, a significant portion of the tokens of ICO investors will stay blocked, further maintaining the circulating supply.

Reference Pricing Model: Till the end of the ICO, IDAP tokens are valued at $0.03 per token (without any discounts). However, in interest of ensuring that no ICO contributor ever bears a loss while paying trading fees in IDAP tokens, we will be using a reference pricing model. Once the IDAP token gets listed, the reference price will be fixed at 1.5 times the ICO price, i.e. $0.045. If the spot price falls below this value, this reference will be used to calculate the trading fees owed in IDAP tokens, otherwise the market spot price will be used.

Thus, as the exchange goes live, the price of token will automatically see a price increase of 50% as the users start trading.

It’s true that to some extent, this is all speculative and chance plays a big role in whether an ICO succeeds. But fortunes are not built on chance, lest we forget that fortune favors the brave. And brave here doesn’t mean being foolhardy, but innovative and ambitious.

Your returns depend on the simple looking principle of economics: supply and demand. If with time, the demand of the token you invested in increases, so will its price. Looks simple, right? Well, the way it unfolds in the real world isn’t simple at all.

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