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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Centive - Blockchain-based Incentive Network

We are building a business that is platform and adoption driven, catering to the needs of businesses and individuals. At its core, the Centive token’s utility is the key driver by building a blockchain-based incentive network that benefits value creators.

Businesses can offer special offers, discounts, gifts and coupons. Consumers can provide value by sharing on social media, buying, writing reviews, and more. We strive to create a level playing field for everyone; from large corporations, to individuals, creating an ecosystem that only continues to contribute.
Centive is safe and easy to use, borderless and global. At its core, the utility of Centive token is the primary driver by building a blockchain-based incentive network that is conducive to value creation. Businesses can reduce costs without intermediaries and can save more for tomorrow's future.

Centive has made it our life’s purpose to help businesses (and consumers) to capitalize on the blockchain economy, by building a blockchain-based incentive network that is effortless to use, and benefits value creators. Centive’s platform aims to reduce friction drastically from promotion (by businesses) to action (by consumers). As a business owner, you no longer have to worry about how to execute your marketing campaigns.

Centive trains its eyes on the ever-growing advertising industry which in 2018 is expected to be valued at US$558 billion3 globally. Businesses reduce costs drastically, without the need for banks and advertising agencies. This in turn generates savings, which can be passed down to their loyal customers. Creating a supportive community between businesses and consumers, where they both get what they want - dictated by market forces, and creating positive impact on the community at the same time.

Centive’s platform is easy to use and operate. Businesses and customers will go through simple know your customer (KYC) processes to build ecosystem integrity. By default, data will be safely stored. Centive’s platform will integrate all the latest capabilities in tracking, data and analytics to allow businesses to better understand their consumers.

The problems we are looking to solve :
  • Inefficient data collection by many adverting platforms, to the detriment of businesses who rely on such information.
  • Advertising process is largely inefficient, and consists of too many middlemen.
  • Community largely ignored. Social media platforms do not reward their community.
  • General lack of adoption of blockchain-based products/platforms by value creators (businesses, genuine customers) , either due to regulations or products that are not user-friendly.
How we solve the problem :
  • Build a profitable business that is sustainable, to ensure token holders that the ecosystem will be there in decades to come. It is too risky NOT TO build a sustainable business since ICO.
  • Make awesome products that people want to use.
  • Drive adoption through multiple use cases, and product life-cycle management.
  • All these are made possible mainly with an experienced, proven team.
Why Choose us?
  1. Safe & reliable - Secure platform, cold storaged wallets, ensuring reliability to the highest standards.
  2. User friendly platform - Conveniently launch marketing campaigns, without worrying too much about operations.
  3. Automated functions - Conduct sustainable marketing efforts, lowering costs in the long run. Pick from our list of fully customizable automated functions, which are also growing rapidly through continuous development.
  4. Tradable & shareable - Tokens can be held, spent, shared with friends, or tipped. In addition, tokens can be traded in partner exchanges or exchanged for digital goods on the platform.
  5. Multi-function platform - The platform will cover multiple use cases – cashback, lucky draw, group-driven campaign, tipping wallet, digital content creation & sale, crowdfunding, and many more.
  6. Regulator Friendly - Our tokens are created as utility tokens, as means of allowing businesses and consumers a way of keeping tabs on their social status and scoring. We also retain the best legal talent, and engage with regulators.
Product Centive :
Wallet App
  • Balance - Show your current Centive token balance and past transaction information.
  • Fingerprint or Pin Verification - Will be required for transactions. Will ensure safety for users.
  • Transaction History - The complete record of the successful transactions will be shown.
  • Expenses - User will be able to view month-to-month expenses, and create custom categories.
  • Wallet - Enable to send & receive Centive tokens. To send Centive tokens, users can fill in the address, enter the desired amount and send.
  • Menu - Allow users to conveniently navigate the app with ease.
Business Portal
  • Dashboard - Enable user to see an overview of their marketing performance.
  • Home - Enables business users to see their overall business performance through simple graphs and statistics.
  • Campaigns - Allow users to dig deeper into individual campaign performance, and setting up new campaigns.
  • Customers - Enable business to keep track of basic customer details (with the customer's permission), simplify customer management down the road.
  • Coupons - Get the latest discount codes from well-known brands.
  • Homepage - Users are able to see various promotions from popular brands.
  • Stores - Enable end users to navigate through countless popular deals.
  • Online Shopping - Enable wallet to get online some great shopping Deals.
The Centive token provides access to the Centive Payment App and Centive ecosystems. Value exchange - Users can use the Centive token to trade, exchange, tip, pay it forward, and many more. Function - Being a cryptocurrency, it facilitates frictionless and unrestricted payments through a trustless transaction model, inheriting the benefits of blockchain technology.
ICO details : 
To raise from Public (US$) : 35,000,000
Total Tokens offered to Public : 350,000,000
Total tokens issued (hard cap) : 1,000,000,000
Token price : US$ 0.10

Centive Technologies Corporation had previously announced it successfully closed a private investment round, which it used to invest into technology development and deployment. Now it believes that it is ready to move onto the next step – an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to raise the full amount it needs to grow its business and gain new users.

“The funds will be mainly used to support our growing technology team, and to build powerful and easy to use platforms for businesses and consumers. As you know, blockchain is a competitive industry so we need to be ready to invest to reap the benefits. Our ICO investors might like the idea that Centive’s ecosystem and platforms will be exclusively transacting using Centive tokens”, said Benjamin Ryu, COO of Centive.

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Author : LofYah111
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