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Saturday, September 29, 2018

DeStream - A Decentralized Streaming Ecosystem

Streaming can be referred to as the act of broadcasting audio or video in real time as a continuous flow to different recipients to watch or listen through the use of the internet. Streaming covers different people like gamers, musicians, comedians, writers, and speakers etc, who create the contents to be broadcasted or streamed by viewers. 

Streamers have donations, subscriptions and advertisements as the means of monetizing their services. The industry is one that is valued to worth billions of dollars and it continues to increase exponentially each year, with research showing that there will be a profit generation of $109 billion by 2.2 billion gamers in 2017 only in the video game industry. Nevertheless, there are issues with the system of things in the industry. Some of the issues are mentioned below.

The main aim of project DeStream is establishing a decentralized global platform for the streaming market that will allow maximizing the productivity of streamers, diversifying their activities and securing start-up capital. We are establishing an innovative platform that will act as an ecosystem for streamers. The use of blockchain technology will allow us to reduce transaction fees by more than twofold.

Decentralization will allow us to exclude payment systems from the process and reduce numerous transactions costs. Thus, we will improve the quality of the content and the streamers will be allowed to focus on creation, instead of operational activities.

The entertainment part of the internet is one with large potential and has continued to increase geometrically for years. The most lucrative of niche in this industry is the streaming industry, which is valued to worth billions of dollars.

The use of middlemen in any system does not only make the whole system of things slow but will also increase the cost incurred in the transaction process. The streamers work hard to create different contents which the viewers pay for through subscriptions or donations to their account or wallet.

The downside of this is that the viewers have to make the payments through the payment gateway (Paypal, Payoneer, Yandex.money) depending on the ones at their disposal, which forces the streamers to maintain different payment system. Apart from the inconvenience this may cause them, they also get charged with high interest rates by these payment gateways ranging from 10% above. They also face the challenges of many rules and restrictions from the payment gateways, like inability to withdraw all their funds at once or a waiting time of 1 to 6 months.

Another issue in the industry is transparency of the whole payment system. The present payment systems in the industry are not transparent enough to ensure that all transactions go down through the right channels and meet their purposes. There are scenarios of systems refusal to pay streamers or freezing streamers funds for diverse reason.

We ensure fixed 0,77% commissions per transaction. The blockchain based DeStream platform will take at least 13 times lower donation commissions.
By using our smart contract constructors, users will be able to configure and launch myriads of controllable challenges with clearly distributable rewards and penalties.
All users of DeStream will need only one wallet and one token (DST) for all transactions.
Advertisers will be able to make data-driven decisions on ads placements, as the DeStream ecosystem will include an analytical interface based on users' Big Data.
DeStream will launch internal smart contracts to serve as a warranty of clear contractual relationships between viewers, streamers and advertisers.
We will deploy an internal marketplace for streamers and viewers so they can purchase goods and services more conveniently.

Destream is also able to solve the problem of transparency through the use of the Blockchain which permanently stores the details of every transactions on a public ledger where everyone can verify it. The relationships and interactions of streamers, advertisers and viewers in the platform are also governed by smart contracts which create trust in the system by ensuring that both parties fulfill the part of the agreements before they both enjoy the benefits. 

Aside from providing solutions to the obvious challenges in the industry, Destream also offers different innovations in the industry. With the use of Destream platform, streamers will not have to through the long process of converting their funds to fiat before they can purchase, but can now purchase directly with DST through the internal market place. Destream also provide streamers on their platform with the best tools for designing personal mechanisms.

Roadmap DeStream :
1 - 2ND QUARTER 2018
Design concept development.
Mobile applications design concept development.
Platform prototype development.
Start of portal development.
3 - 4TH QUARTER 2018
Finalizing the consensus for the blockchain.
Cryptographic Token pre-mining.
Token sale.
Distribution of the cryptographic Token in accordance with the results of the Token sale.
1 - 2ND QUARTER 2019
Running the alpha version of the platform.
Integration of platform payments into a public blockchain.
Beginning of OBS fork development for integration of DeStream services.
Integration of payment gateways.
Development of the DeStream portal.
Streamer portal release.
1 - 2ND QUARTER 2019
The development of mechanics based on centralized solutions.
Development of voting system based on the blockchain.
Alpha version of mobile app.
Integration with XSplit.
Cloud storage of overlays.
3 - 4TH QUARTER 2019
Open Beta.
Annual DeStream Fest.
Testing mechanics on smart contracts.
Beta version of Marketplace.
Overlay editor release.
3 - 4TH QUARTER 2019
Release of OBS's own module.
The first release of mobile applications.
Development of the market for digital assets.
Module for creating challenges.
Development of a Portal for Advertisers.
1 - 2ND QUARTER 2020
Designing smart mechanisms for streamers
Development of personalized subscriptions
Ability to create a service catalog
Release of Marketplace for products
Transfer of all mechanics to smart contracts
1 - 2ND QUARTER 2020
A full-fledged smart contract editor
Release of Portal for Advertisers
Big data analytics for advertisers
Integration with service providers
3 - 4TH QUARTER 2020
Platform development.
VR support.

Token DeStream :
Token: DST
Type: Stratis
Total tokens issued: 6 000 000 000 DST.
Total tokens available for sale: 3 600 000 000 DST

2018 - 2020
12% Trips and events
17% Development and Support
30% Operational Expenses
41% Marketing

10% Private sales
40% Round 1
10% Public sales
20% Exchange fund
10% Team
9% Advisors
1% Bounty

There is a palpable need change in the way things are designed in the industry and what other technology can offer innovative changes along with high level of transparency other than the Blockchain technology? The Blockchain solution to the streaming industry is Destream.

More Information, See link below :
Medium : https://medium.com/destream

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