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Saturday, September 15, 2018

iTrue - Instant Access to Controlled Gains with device

iTrue aims to make lives easier and safer through innovation. Current authentication systems are either too insecure or too inconvenient to use, thus perpetuating an environment of high risk. Multi-factor authentication (MFA), biometrics, and other similar methodologies can significantly reduce the risk of such breaches , but are not being widely adopted.

The problem is user experience — MFA complicates and slows down the process of logging in, thus discouraging its adoption among businesses and their users. In addition, users are reluctant to trust centralized authentication systems. For one, there is a prevailing fear that their data will be misused or misappropriated. Centralized systems are also prone to failure themselves. There needs to be a solution that addresses privacy, security, and convenience. iTrue is the solution.

iTrue is Blockchain as a solution service with a built-in authentication system with biometrics as the core microservice, enabling companies and developers to make applications safe, scalable and extensible. The iTrue tokens ecosystem rewards users for sharing data, and businesses for issuing market data and applications. Our innovative stone storage solutions guarantee speed and capacity without vibration and privacy.

More than half of e-commerce abandonment basket is due to forgetting passwords or forgotten debit / credit card details underlining the need to improve authentication actions. of users in the US are concerned about their biometric data being compromised, while are worried about their banks having access to information.

Face recognition is under legal supervision in Russia and other countries, but is considered a major threat to privacy, especially if system security is disrupted.

There is a growing demand for safe, efficient, and secure authentication systems, given the rise of online financial products and startup companies providing innovative digital services.
Services like cashless payment systems provide convenience and ease of transactions. Banks and fintechs are already exploring or implementing biometrics as a way to authenticate users.
Biometric technologies, however, do not give an assurance of secure and safe authentication on their own. User data can easily be compromised or misused with improper handling.

iTrue is the Solution
The combination of blockchain and biometric technologies will enable businesses to improve authentication through biometrics and eventually build and market their own applications on the iTrue platform and ecosystem. Reducing transactional friction through biometric authentication helps improve the user experience and enhance platform security at the same time.

With iTrue, users have complete control over their confidential personal data, and biometric authentication enables secure and seamless access to digital assets and even physical facilities, like a car or house. Since iTrue gives notifications where users’ data is being used, enterprises are able to integrate such privacy controls into their applications, thus helping businesses comply with the European GDPR regulations.

Benefits from iTrue

Individual users
Privacy - Users have full ownership of their data, and have full control over where their data is shared.
Trust - User data is stored on a decentralized platform and never on local devices, thus ensuring better protection against failure theft or data.
Ease of access - Biometric access means never having to remember passwords again, and do not have to rely on gadgets such as smartphones or credit cards.
Participation in economic data - Each user can benefit when they voluntarily provide data to clients and businesses that need it, in the form of tokens or other rewards.

For business
Automation - Blockchain as a service comes with platform authentication and reduces the need to build one from the start, especially ID verification.
Compliance with regulations - Tokenized data sharing mechanisms inform users and attempt authorization before data is exchanged, thus conforming to regulatory frameworks such as GDPR.
Data exchange - Contractors who traditionally collect and process data can exchange existing data with other contractors who can store their own data. To ensure privacy, sharing these data will still require user permission.
Customized application - Businesses get access to turnkey solutions and directly in iTrue customized developer application platform.

For developers
Time to market and scalability - Access to iTrue microservices allows developers to build their enterprise or consumer applications on the iTrue platform. The application can be registered on iTrue market for businesses and users. iTrue's new type of storage also guarantees speed, security and accessibility.

Tokenized benefits - Microservice developers get token awards every time other developers build their existing microservices; Application developers receive tokens when their solutions are used by other companies or users on the market or when they are asked to adjust or improve iTrue applications for enterprise users.

The iTrue Token Ecosystem
iTrue’s blockchain-as-a-service platform enables applications to integrate authentication independent of passwords, gadgets and plastic cards — all through microservices as building blocks. But that is just one part of iTrue.
The ITU token brings together individual and business users into a single ecosystem with unlimited opportunities for scalability, under a decentralized platform for identification and data storage.
The platform itself does not sell user data. Rather, it enables users, clients, and developers to benefit from sharing and utilizing data on the platform.
Developers can build applications that take advantage of microservices, such as identity verification and authentication. Users are informed about each request for their data, and they are rewarded when they participate in data-sharing activities.
Our primary service for authentication with biometrics can be the basis of projects by third-party developers who will be able to integrate their own features and solutions into the iTrue platform.

The combination of blockchain and biometric technology will enable companies to improve authentication through biometrics and ultimately build and market their own applications on the iTrue platform and ecosystem. Reducing transactional friction through biometric authentication helps improve user experience and improve platform security at the same time.

With iTrue, users have complete control over their confidential personal data and biometric authentication allows safe and smooth access to digital assets and even physical facilities, such as cars or homes. Because iTrue provides notifications where user data is being used, companies are able to integrate that privacy control into their applications, thus helping businesses comply with GDPR's European regulations.

By applying the blockchain approach, users and businesses are guaranteed a strong and measurable infrastructure where their records are safe and secure from data theft or abuse. Our solution is designed for high speed and capacity-overcoming the limitations of current blockchain technology.

Token Sale
The token economy ensures a fair and legal framework for exchanging and storing data, wherein users, developers, and businesses are rewarded for playing a part in the ecosystem.

Information on tokens
Token name : iTrue (ITU)
Price : 1 ITU = US$ 0,01
Total tokens : 8 billion ITU
Token type : ERC20
All the unsold tokens will be burnt by the smart contract

Contribution conditions : 
Minimum payment : US$ 100
Maximum payment : US$ 100 000 - Unlimited
SoftCap : US$ 7.5 million
HardCap : US$ 40 million

Distribution token :
60% sold
22% iTrue Foundation
10% of the team
7% advisor
1% bounty

Tokens issued to the team are on hold by a smart-contract for a period of 1 year. Tokens issued to advisors are tranched: 25% can be immediately used upon issue, while the rest will be put on hold by a smart-contract for a period of 1 year.

The iTrue foundation is aimed at motivating and rewarding developers to come onboard the iTrue platform, thus helping in enhancing scalability in terms of expansion to new markets. Tokens of the iTrue Foundation given to developers will be put on hold by a smart-contract for a period of 6 months.

Our Team
The iTrue team is composed of high-profile experts in different fields, whose joint work has led to development of the current solution. The team is truly multinational and features some of the most prominent experts in the finance, IT security, computer vision, and blockchain industries.
Microservices is truly a building block that allows developers to design faster and deploy enterprise or consumer applications. Developers can also build their own microservices on stage, which other application developers can also use their own services and applications.

A good investment company for you if you believe in strength, Itrue's developers believe that they will be able to achieve some success in this segment. Itrue tends to increase in the future, as well as the value of this company and the tokens. It can be a good long-term investment for you, because the opportunity this company will offer returns on investment, but in the future.

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Author : LofYah111
ETH Address : 0x3C148F5B9Efa720f7501f39FDf02B3CDC9658BC4

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