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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

KubitX - First Truly Global Exchange

We aim to offer a one-stop platform for our users. Many countries and citizens have been left behind in this new revolution called blockchain we will connect those dots and offer an excellent service using the top global organisations best practice.

  1. ADVANCED PLATFORM - KuBitX is one of the most advanced and robust cryptocurrency trading platforms designed in a very user-friendly manner to enable people from all regions and backgrounds get a stronghold of the ideas revolving around the Blockchain and the cryptocurrency space. It is built to transact at 12 million transactions per second. Avoiding exchange crashing, creating more to trade at faster speed.
  2. SECURED WALLETS - Contained within the KuBitX ecosystem are the KuBitX Trade engines, the secure KuBitX wallets, and an advanced Admin dashboard for regulating the activities within the Trade Exchange.
  3. FOR BUYERS AND SELLERS - By targeting even the remotest people for their inclusion in the cryptocurrency market, our goal is to become one of the most diverse cryptocurrency marketplaces for buyers and sellers worldwide.
  4. EDUCATION - Emerging markets need more awareness on cryptocurrencies. KuBitX education focus will drive more literacy levels in emerging markets with on the ground seminars and workshops. Currently in Africa, only 4% of the continent is engaged in Crypto. KuBitX focuses on heavy education campaigns that will infiltrate emerging markets. There are 10 big emerging markets and economies in the world.
  5. LANGUAGE DIVERSIFICATION - KuBitX has identified that language barriers becomes issue for customer support, as a result - poor customer support ratings happen. At KuBitX, our global channel ambassador program will ensure that we have local dialect presence in each country so that customer support experience can be heightened and turn around time can be faster for responses.
  6. FASTER TRANSACTIONS PER SECOND SPEED -KuBitX competes with global rivals with current exchanges doing about 1.4 million transactions per second. KuBitX is built to trasact at 12 million transactions per second. Avoiding exchange crashing, creating more to trade at faster speed.

  1. HIGH SCALABILITY - Our platform is highly scalable, ready to accept new features to improve our users trading experience.
  2. SECURE - We have made an extensive benchmarking with the current platforms, which allowed us to take few steps ahead, plus our security team comes from top organisations.
  3. BLOCKCHAIN - Our token is initially based on the Ethereum blockchain. We plan to launch our own chain in the near future which will then be very useful to many cases such as the most common social, utility, administration, and governance problems in developing countries.
  4. ECOSYSTEM - As strong believers in peer to peer payment ecosystems, we believe that traditional financial systems will eventually be replaced partly due to continuous broken trust, censorship and a growing enlightenment of the populace.
  5. LOW FEES - Our fees are the lowest around, it is even lower when you choose to use our native token the KBX for fees payment. Trading fee on KuBitX exchange is 0.05%, however, the users opting to use KuBitcoin(KBX) tokens as a method of payment of trading fee will get a discount of 25% compared to the original trading charges.
    Trading fee = 0.05%
    Trading fee using KBX token= 0.0375%
  6. MINIMIZED RISK - Our multi-signature wallet and cold storage strategy will minimize the exposure of our trader’s funds. We have combined various strategies to secure the funds traded on our platform.
About Token KubitX:
Ticker =  KBX
Token Type = ERC20 (Ethereum)
Decimal = 18
Total Supply = 500,000,000
Currencies Accepted = ETH
Soft Cap = 10.000 ETH
Hard Cap = 25.000 ETH

TGE Details
Seed Round: Ongoing. Ends 16 July, 2018.
Pre-Public Round: 16 July - 31 August, 2018
Public Round: TBC

Detail TGE ROUND :
PRICE PER KBX = 0.0001122 ETH
BONUS = 20%

Token Allocation And Distribution
Team KubitX :
Eric Annan ( Co-Founder, CEO )
Entrepreneur/Blockchain Educator. Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Advocate and Educator. Certified Bitcoin Expert. Founder of Digitalkudi.com cryptocurrency trading platform in Nigeria and Ghana. Former Lead Technical Account Manager at Huawei Technologies

Peihan You ( Chief Strategic Officer )
Digital Service and Marketing Expert. Blockchain enthusiast. Over 12 year’s global experience in marketing, project management and digital service. Former lead of Huawei Technologies Digital Services. Successfully designed and implemented some of the most innovative and successful digital services across Africa, Middle East and Asia. Equipped with an MBA from the University of Liverpool and Executive Education from the Harvard Business School.

Amadeu Alexandre ( Co-Founder, Lead IT Operations )
Amadeu Alexandre is an IT professional and blockchain evangelist with cross-industry experience which spans over 9 years with main focus in Information Technology and Oil & Gas having both offshore and onshore experience in multicultural environment. He is also an active cryptocurrency trader and the co-founder of AngoBit, the first Angolan B2B trading platform. He currently works with British Petroleum in Angola and is an active member of the Angolan Cryptocurrency Community.

Juliana Mwangi ( Lead, Finance Team )
Juli is a certified and professional accountant practicing in Nairobi, Kenya. With over 8 years’ experience, she has worked with Procter and Gamble, USAID and led some medium sized teams to deliver huge projects in the Eastern part of Africa

Victor Akoma-Philips ( Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer )
Blockchain consultant and entrepreneur. 18+ years experience in managing multi-million dollars programs and ICT consulting experience with DELL, EMC, VCE, Cisco, MTN, and Huawei. Master of Business Administration (MBA) Finance. Successfully delivered one of the first SIM Registration solution for one of the largest telecoms Company- MTN with over 60 Million subscribers.

Victor Olorunfemi ( Lead Trade and Product Development )
Technology Consultant at PwC. Over 8 years experience in Audit and taxation. Works with PwC as Technology Consultant for 8 years where he built a number of internal business tools and facilitated the adoption of new technologies to improve work efficiency.

Shireen Ramjoo ( Chief Marketing Officer )
With over 11 years of experience in the financial communications industry, having worked at three of the four major banks in South Africa and various global clients across Africa on financial campaigns that included both the banked and unbanked markets. 

Binod Nirvan ( Chief Token Strategist and Smart contract professional )
Smart Contract Auditing, Solidity Ninja, ICO Marketing Consultant, Private Investment Advisor.

Thomas Enechi ( Lead, Global Payment Strategy )
Thomas is a Co-Founder, ICO Investor and a Blockchain Advisor. He holds an M.Sc. in Information Technology and a First Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He is a Blockchain Enthusiast and a Cryptocurrency Investor. An alumnus of Lagos Business School where he studied Strategy; Mastering Blue Ocean Strategy.

Obi Ezenwugo ( Lead, Community Management )
Blockchain and Crypto enthusiast. An experienced Community Manager. Have managed extremely successful token sales across diverse regions. 13 years Project management experiences across various organizations including ABB and Nairda. Founder and CEO of AGES limited in Nigeria.

Charles Meruwoma ( Lead, Infrastructure and Capacity management )
Cloud and Enterprise Infrastructure Expert. Charles supports Amazon Web Services in the Cloud support division. With over 14+ Years in the Infrastructure space, Charles possesses a rather in-depth knowledge of the Virtualization and Enterprise capacity planning and Management, and also recently, with the Blockchain architecture

Ayokunle Ajayi ( Lead, Exchange and Cyber Security )
With over 8 years experience in advanced Cyber Security and currently an Information Security consultant, Blockchain enthusiast and Tech-head. Currently leads a Team to deliver and manage complex defense security projects in one of the largest Telecom provider in Africa.

Zulekha Cara ( Lead, Global Channel Ambassadors Initiative )
Entrepreneur and early cryptocurrency adopter and advocate. Cryptocurrency trader/miner, ICO advisor and Blockchain consultant. Founder of CryptoTraders Za Pty Ltd, a leading cryptocurrency training provider in South Africa. She majored in Finance and Economics at the University of Cape Town and holds an honours degree in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management.

Subramanian Venkatesan ( Lead, DApp, Smart Contract Developer )
Ethereum Smart Contract Developer, writes smart contracts for token sales (ICOs, ERC20, Vesting). Also teaches people ethereum programming at the local meetups in Toronto.

For More Information, See link Below :
Website : https://kubitx.io

Author : LofYah111
Wallet Address : 0x3C148F5B9Efa720f7501f39FDf02B3CDC9658BC4

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