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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Please - The Travel Revolution

Please.com is revolutionizing the way travel is booked by offering travelers a broad array of comprehensive, pre-designed trips, based on their interests or the occasion for traveling. Trips are created by locals or avid travelers with knowledge of the area and can be booked with a few clicks or voice commands.

Transforming Travel
We are building a protocol and a marketplace to promote decentralization and we are progressively bringing it to the masses through the travel industry. We are one of the very few Blockchain-friendly projects to be also grandma-friendly thanks to our xApp approach. Our architecture is very flexible, scalable and can be used by other projects wether they are centralized, decentralized or hybrid.

Our Protocol
We bring all the goodness of decentralization to everybody. We are building a protocol whose first "customer" will be our own platform operating on Please.com.
  • A set of smart contracts to allow service providers to publish their service on the Blockchain
  • A set of oracles to access the right data on the Blockchain
  • A set of proxies to access smart contracts by non-blockchain apps
  • A hybrid portal to access both the centralized and decentralized services in an easy and seamless way

Our xApp approach
Websites have long been gracefully degraded and progressively enhanced. It seems many DApp & Protocol developers have completely ignored it, we don't! Our cross-platform app (xApp) is a set of methodologies and good practices to develop an API-First and Protocol-First architecture for the future of the web. We haven't reinvented the wheel, we're just using today's best practices.

The Please.com Marketplace :
Our xApp's first facet
We are transforming travel booking online by offering a fresh approach for travelers. Our marketplace does not only save travelers hours of time but makes booking, creating and customising trips across traditional, decentralized and sharing economies quick and easy.
  1. Sleep in more than 600,000 hotels and homes
  2. Eat in more than 1,200,000 restaurants and local tables
  3. Spend some good times from our 100,000 tours and activities
  4. Earn money by welcoming travelers to your home, cooking, or sharing your hobby with them
The Please.bot chatbot :
Our xApp's second facet
Voice is the future. Consumers are increasingly using their voice assistants at home and are looking for new ways to save time. Our bot is cross-platform and will guide travelers throughout their journey.
  • Chat interactively to find your next trip across centralized and decentralized services
  • Get interactive information before, during and after a trip
  • Service providers get real-time booking information and statistics for their services
  • Soon, you will be able to book directly through the bot for certain platforms
  • Available on Messenger, Telegram and the web
Our Token
To keep the platform vibrant and active with engaged users, we created our own rewards system based on a digital token called PLS. We award these tokens to travelers, service providers and trip creators as they use our marketplace.

  1. Acquiring - The amount of PLS to be received will be calculated based on one’s EthicRank in order to reward the best members of our community.
  2. Staking - Please Prime Costs $49 per year and is due in PLS which are locked and returned back to the customer after one year, this is staking for the masses.
    Please Assembly members can increase their voting power by staking PLS.
  3. Spending - PLS can be used throughout our platform and ecosystem.
Detail Token :
Ticker : PLS
Platform : Ethereum
Total Supplay :650,000,000 PLS available
Hardcap : Hard Cap: $18,200,000

Pre-ICO price per token $0.028 (20% bonus) Start Nov 22
ICO price per token $0.035 Start Jan 3rd
Unsold tokens will be burnt

Our Team
We are all working FULL-TIME for Please.com unless otherwise stated, And we are always hiring new talents in our distributed team.

Romain Barissat - CEO 
Romain’s career spans for over 15 years in the digital space where he quickly progressed through many roles ranging from engineering to marketing.
Vladimir Kokovic - CTO 
Vlad has over 11 years experience in managing and developing various technologies.
Kristi Brown - Marketing Director
Kristi has over 15 years of marketing and communication experience, which includes leading team for well-known companies like The Disney Companies, MGM Grand and Living Social.
Sarper Horata - Product Manager 
Sarper is a travel industry veteran and takes care of product development at Please.com.
Marcel Akiyama - Product Designer
Marcel has created usable and delightful digital experiences for more than a decade.
Jaydeep Solanki - Full-Stack Engineer
Jaydeep brings 5 years of development experience and his vast Node.js and Cloud knowledge to Please.com team.
Florent Thurin - Partnerships Manager
Florent has more than 3 years experience as a business development manager for startups. Originally from Bordeaux, France, Florent has lived in five different countries while pursuing his studies.
Anupam Varshney - Content Marketing Strategist
Anupam is a content marketing strategist. His career spans just over 5 years and includes working for Blockchain-centered companies like IBC.
Facundo Matteo - Full-Stack Engineer
Facundo has been developing websites and games since his childhood. At Please, he brings 5 years of experience as a full stack developer.
Vibhor Jain - Operations Manager
Vibhor has been involved in the blockchain industry for over 4 years. He has worked with one of the top crypto exchanges in India and founded Qrypto, an all-in-one Bitcoin NFC card.
Olivier Ducroux - Full-Stack Engineer
Olivier is a self-taught full stack developer. He’s profoundly skilled in C, Python, React js, Wit.ai, Angular js, Python, Java, Scala and the list goes on.
Denis Zabelin - UX Designer
With 5 years of experience, Denis successfully analyses user behaviour to decide how to build successful UX processes and stunning designs.
Nicolas Girardot - Solidity Developer
Nicolas is a Solidity developer with more than 4 years of experience in Android and Java.
Antoine Garcia - Full-Stack Engineer
Antoine has three year experience as a developer with skills and knowledge in various technologies including Solidity, Swift 2/3, C, C++, and C#.

More Information, See link below :
Website : https://protocol.please.com
Whitepaper : https://protocol.please.com/assets/Please.com-Whitepaper.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PleaseProtocol
Twitter : https://twitter.com/PleaseProtocol
Medium : https://medium.com/pleasedotcom
Telegram : https://t.me/PleaseProtocol

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