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Friday, December 6, 2019

Emirex Exchange : The Infrastructure for the New Digital Economy

Bitcoin’s been having a fantastic year thus far, with over 190% growth. However, the exchange tokens have managed to outperform the King of Cryptocurrencies. Major exchange tokens, such as Binance Coin, Huobi Token and Kucoin have constantly been in the list of the Top 15 tokens this year (according to OnChainFX data). In fact, all of them including the latter ones have defeated BTC, as Huobi Token has grown by nearly 380% and KuCoin by over 290% great performance in the overall bearish market, The exchange tokens have also outweighed the BCH, XRP, and ETH.

The great rise of the IEOs and the changes in the cryptocurrency market have become well-known facts in the crypto-community. Major exchanges have launched their own tokens, whereas the up and coming exchanges such as EXMO and EMIREX have either laid a firm base or announced their IEOs. Although there are similar characteristics shared by all IEOs and exchange tokens, each one is unique in its own right and comes with a set of benefits for the users.

Exchange tokens have outperformed BTC and other major cryptocurrencies in the course of 2019, and the expectation is that the tokens of up and coming exchanges will demonstrate further growth. Despite the overall bearish market in the last quarter, the market cap of exchange tokens has increased by 255% from the start of this year. In this series of articles, we will discuss the purposes of exchange tokens, what are IEOs, why exchanges need them and the reasons why exchange tokens have been so successful.

We are EU licensed and regulated digital assets exchange and technology platform building the infrastructure for the new digital economy. We are strategically headquartered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, in the centre of 4,000-year-old network of trade routes connecting economies around the world.

Today, using leading edge technology, we are bringing together a growing community of digital assets issuers, investors and traders in Africa, Asia, and Europe and providing them with unprecedented access to the Middle Eastern liquidity.

As long-term residents of the Middle East, we have noticed a real lack of access to the Digital Assets in the Region. So, in early 2017, we set out to change this and started working on BitMeEx - Bitcoin Middle East Exchange, a platform that is easy to use and that offers access to many Digital Assets in exchange for international and local fiat currency. In 2019, we have rolled out the next stage in the technology roll-out a professional trading platform.

We have also rebranded to Emirex.com, which reflects our roots and our expansion plans, We aim to grow our platform further and have built an ambitious road-map ahead of us, developing multi-level trading and supporting services with an individual approach to each customer, from beginners to institutional traders.

Being able to trade tokens is massively important. In the last article, we discussed the capabilities of the Emirex Exchange which makes it possible to trade digital assets securely, quickly and safely. It is as important to be able to manage the tokens you have, and for innovators, there needs to be a simple way to tokenize a project and make the most of the funding opportunities. In this article, we will discuss the Emirex Wallet and the Emirex Tokenisation Platform, which combine to meet these needs.

Our ambition is to create a crypto gateway that is built on the Middle East’s heritage as the center of global trading. We want to bring together innovators, expert traders, and people that are new to space, giving them the tools they need to create opportunities. We believe that the digitization process will mean that every stock, bond, currency, and commodity will be tokenized and traded peer-to-peer without the need to pay brokers or other third-parties fees.

The Emirex Wallet
Wallets directly interact with the blockchain ledger to help users keep track of their assets and enable them to create and issue new transactions. They are a vital component of a crypto eco-system and must be designed with the highest levels of security.

The Emirex Wallet has been designed to let retail users safely and securely store digital assets on Android or Apple devices. It has the highest levels of privacy and reliability to give users confidence when they are sending, receiving and storing their assets.

Our wallet supports all coins traded on the Emirex Exchange and the standard version will be free of charge. We will charge a small fee for the professional version, payable in EMRX tokens, which allows for extended functionality such as management of multiple private keys on any device. This allows for efficient, simultaneous management of multiple portfolios.

The Emirex Tokenisation Platform
Emirex has been helping companies, organizations and government agencies make the most of the opportunities that the digital economy offers since 2014.

The team behind Emirex has already worked on a corporate bond and tokenized commodities platform and advised on multiple equity tokenization projects, we are currently developing a primary issuance platform for tokenized securities and assets.

What is EMRX Token ?
Emirex Token (EMRX) powers The Infrastructure for the New Digital Economy proudly brought to you by the Emirex Group. As the native token of the Emirex Ecosystem, EMRX has multiple use cases: listing fees for placement of tokenised assets, transactional fees from buy/sell transactions, custody and servicing fees, commission and partner incentive schemes, and others as the offering develops

Why Use EMRX ?
EMRX Token has been designed to incentivize the traders, investors, issuers and partners within the Emirex ecosystem. The following functions are embedded in the token model to ensure that participants are fully engaged:
  1. Payment : EMRX token can be used to pay for our products and services. Users will receive a discount if they pay transaction fees, listing fees or application fees in EMRX.
  2. Priority Participation : EMRX token holders will have priority rights to all new features and services, they will also enjoy priority participation in Initial Exchange Offering projects.
  3. Reward Program : Rewards are offered to our active community members. There are various programs, such as rewards for active investors, successful new users invitations, etc
EMRX Token info :

Ticker: EMRX
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 275,000,000 EMRX (55%)
Total supply: 500,000,000 EMRX

About EMRX :
Total Limited Emission : 500 000 000 EMRX
Private Sale : 65 000 000 EMRX
Long Term Partners : 35 000 000 EMRX
Team : 75 000 000 EMRX
Future Sale : 275 000 000 EMRX
EMRX BURNING : 250 000 000 EMRX
The fewer tokens there are, the higher the demand! The EMRX TOKEN that we receive from SERVICE sales will be burnt until 50% of the tokens remain.
PRIVATE SALE 65 000 000 EMRX ENDED 1 June 2019 - 30 July 2019

Roadmap Emirex Exchange :
Jul 14 – Mar 18 : Key partnerships established with investment funds, family offices in the Middle East and professional services advisors
Apr 18 : Digital assets exchange platform launched The digital assets platform licensed and regulated in EU as:
  • virtual currency wallet service
  • services of exchanging virtual currency into a fiat currency
Dec 18 : Launched a blockchain powered corporate bond project
Continued process of technology and platform improvement to allow for blockchain powered corporate bonds to be issued for SMEs
Apr 19 : Launched a tokenisation platform for rare earth commodities
Continued to improve platform and underlying technology to allow for tokenisation of commodities for asset owners
Jul 19 : Rebranded the group of companies into Emirex Group and closed a private sale of our platform native token EMRX
Sep 19 : Emirex professional trading platform exchange platform launch
Go-to-market focus area: growth of user base in MENAT markets
though incentives and reward programs, targeting a combined population of 450,000,000 people
Nov 19 : IEO support for approved projects that went through thorough due diligence
The platform open for further IEO listings from Asian and African markets
Dec 19 : Launch an iOS and Android mobile versions to trade and transfer digital assets
Expansion into Asian markets through obtaining a Financial Intermediary license from Hong Kong and/or Singapore
Jan 20 : Listing of EMRX coin on Tier 1 international digital assets exchanges
Q3 20 : Emirex Wealth Management Services launched
Q4 20 : Emirex Syndicate launch, Launch of decentralised trading of digital assets.

Get More Detail About Emirex Exchange :
Website : https://emrx.emirex.com
Whitepaper : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O8fZfCoIKkrsJ6HPMCglbB2k-uY0bGa8/view
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/emirex.official
Twitter : https://twitter.com/EMIREX_OFFICIAL
Telegram : https://t.me/emirex_official
Medium : https://medium.com/@EMIREX_OFFICIAL
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/emirexgroup
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/emirex_official

Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2036058
UID : ID2D31DF475F

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